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Growing From Manual to Automated Poultry Processing

04 Feb 2013

Low capacity poultry processingDo you want to open a new poultry processing plant or increase your current processing capacity? Or maybe you wish to automate parts of your process that you are currently doing manually? Marel Stork Poultry Processing develops, produces, installs and maintains equipment for all processing capacities. Our solutions are modular in construction and grow with you as your production increases. When you need more automation, you can easily add equipment to your existing manual processes.

Automated processing of poultry has several important benefits when compared to manual processing: you can reach a much higher level of production, greater production efficiency, a more consistent and manageable process with optimal logistics and high value, high yield, end- products.

Automating parts of the process

Low capacity poultry processingThe first step towards automating your plant is the purchase of an overhead conveyor, a stunner, a scalder and a picking system. Compared to working manually, this level of automation enables you to increase your daily production enormously, save labor and produce a much better quality end- product with higher yields.

By automating the first steps of the slaughtering process, your in-plant process has a perfect start, the best basis for good evisceration and all other processing steps. Our automatic modules combine perfectly with your manual process, and we also offer a wide selection of tools for manual evisceration.

We grow with you

As more broilers are being processed, each individual operation reaches the point where automation is necessary to keep the process manageable and create the high value products and high yields that you desire. New scalding tanks or pluckers can be added to the modules you previously bought, and; you don’t have to purchase a complete new installation.

Carousel machines: the next step

When you aim for an hourly production of 2,000 broilers or more, you need an automated evisceration department. Marel Stork Poultry Processing offers a wide variety of so-called carousel machines, for perfect evisceration solutions. We offer carousel machines for automatic vent cutting, the application of the opening cut, actual evisceration and the various subsequent steps, such as cleaning the product. The birds are then ready for chilling, cut-up, and all other possible process steps.

Whatever the volume of poultry you want to process, whether you want to produce whole products, all types of cut-up products, fillets or even further processed products, we offer you the most efficient, reliable and profitable solution. Based on decades of dedicated projects in all types of markets, we have the expertise and knowledge you both need and deserve.