High-performance deskinning module for AMF-BX FlexControl

16 May 2014

Deskinning module om the AMF-BX FlexControlIn many markets of the world skinless breast fillet is the most popular part of a broiler. For a truly memorable eating experience, breast fillet should be tender and juicy. To ensure this, processors mature breast caps before deboning them. Cold matured breast caps can be difficult to skin, particularly those which have been matured in crates for a longer period.

Incompletely skinned product then has to be corrected by hand with the possible additional penalty of lower quality and yield.

Both mean an unwelcome loss of revenue. To overcome this problem, Marel Stork has launched a new high-performance deskinning module for its popular AMF-i breast cap filleting system, available with new systems or as a retrofit to existing systems. The new module delivers better and more consistent deskinning.

At the same time the chosen technique does not have a negative effect on meat quality, hygiene or presentation. A further advantage is that more crop fat will be removed, helping optimize performance of the wishbone removing module installed downstream. The new module will handle different sizes of breast cap with minimal adjustment and is maintenance-friendly.

Proven technology

The new module is based on proven Marel Townsend technology. It consists of a vertically-mounted single skinning roller and shoe assembly. Breast caps enter the module tip first. A scraper draws up the skin, after which the roller and shoe pick it up at the tip and pull it from the breast cap in a single piece. Skin is discharged into a container or the receiving bin of a vacuum transport system.