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Indykpol Chooses GP Live Bird Handling System

10 Sep 2013

Another quality impulse

Indykpol is a steadily growing vertically integrated company that invests heavily to strengthen its production chain, bringing all its links together. Its mission is to make food healthier, tastier and more convenient. The company cares about the environment and is constantly working to limit air and water pollution. For years they have been using technologies enabling the acquisition of renewable energy for production purposes and reducing energy and post production waste utilization costs.

Indykpol seeks to be a responsible supplier of poultry meat and processed products. Care about food safety and -quality forms the foundation of their activities.

Indykpol, Lublin, Poland

In recent years the Indykpol broiler processing plant in Lublin has modernized and optimized its slaughter and evisceration department. A natural consequence of this modernization process was the change to the GP live bird handling system.

GP live bird handling: another quality impulse

The Lublin plant purchased the GP live bird handling system last year, including a state of the art ventilation system. The choice of a GP system was prompted by the desire for improved quality and a more efficient primary process. Krzysztof Kowalczuk, Plant manager of the Lublin broiler processing facility, explains: “The GP system guarantees a seamless supply of live broilers, adjusted to the processing speed of the slaughter line. It radically improves our in-plant logistics. With less labor the broilers are loaded twice as fast when compared to the traditional loading methods.”

“Furthermore the solution substantially increases the loading capacity of our trucks and transport conditions are better because of the good ventilation. It reduces the number of DOA’s and meets the strictest animal welfare standards. With the GP system broilers are calm when they arrive at our plant and are less stressed. And the use of plastic reduces our icing problem in winter time.”

Integrated weighing

One of the reasons why Indykpol purchased the GP system is the integrated Marel Stork weighing system. Mr. Kowalczuk continues: “We preferred the Stork weighing system. It is integrated and enables us to determine the correct price for our suppliers in an easy way. The farmers that use our system are happy with it. It makes their job easier. I think in the near future more and more growers will adapt their farms so that they also can start to use the containers.”

Biggest turkey meat producer

Indykpol is Poland’s biggest turkey meat producer and one of the biggest broiler meat producing companies. Their products are available in the majority of hypermarkets, supermarkets and discount store chains in Poland, as well as in various delicatesse and specialized stores.

Approximately 20% of its production is destined for the EU market. The company has export rights to other countries as well, including Russia and China. Regularly conducted market surveys enable Indykpol to define market trends and consumer preferences. For over 20 years the company has been building its image. Being customer orientated, open and credible are the basis of our commercial expansion.

Indykpol poultry products

Wide product range

Indykpol offers a wide variety of fresh, frozen and processed products and by-products from turkeys, broilers and geese. The wide product range also includes: frankfurters, pâtés, hams, barbecue sausages, sandwich sausages, quality cold meats, etc.

Poultry meat is very popular in Poland. As in many countries the consumption per capita is still rising. The Polish consumer can choose from a wide variety of fresh natural quality products and all kinds of further processed products. Popular classics like sausages are now also made of poultry. Last year Indykpol launched a new group of poultry meat frankfurters – Jedyneczki, a healthier product especially created for children. It does not contain monosodium glutamate or phosphates and has a much lower salt content.

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