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Marel’s Compact Grader – the right choice!

01 Oct 2014

Faced with varying grading and sorting requirements, Hybro Foods needed equipment that would grade different weights of processed whole birds and portions. After considering a range of possible suppliers and products, they chose the Marel Compact Grader because of its economic price, compact design, and speed, as well as Marel Stork’s deep understanding of the poultry industry and reliable after sales support.

As one of the preferred chicken suppliers in Mumbai, Hybro Foods Private Limited has been supplying its customers with chicken products for over a decade, and the Hybro brand is now renowned in the poultry business for its commitment and product quality. Headed by Managing Director Mr. Shaukat Shaikh, the firm has seen extraordinary growth, becoming the preferred choice for many of the five star hotels, flight kitchens, supermarkets, and retailers in and around Mumbai.

The Benefits of Weight-Based Grading

When it comes to grading, it is especially important for Hybro Foods to be able to minimize grade jump, while also ensuring an exact grade that will be delivered to customers.

For the grading of whole birds, wings, and portions, Marel’s Compact Grader is the most economical and effective machine.

The Compact Grader grades product pieces into a maximum of 6 different grades. With a capacity of up to 80-100 pieces per minute, depending on product type, the Compact Grader is robust and user-friendly, and its open construction makes it very hygienic and easy to clean.

We Made the Right Choice!

“I have been using the Marel Compact Grader for more than two years and the first thing I noticed was a significant improvement in our grading accuracy. The Compact Grader is a true asset to our company and I would recommend this to everyone,” says Mr. Shaikh.

“I also noticed a distinct improvement in our production speed, with faster processing and rearranging of the work force, which was a frequent source of trouble when I was grading manually,” he explains. “Marel’s Compact Grader has proven functionality and is economical with prompt service. The Compact Grader is a top quality machine, offering us a long service life and very good speed.”

Suitable for simple grading and batching of a wide variety of products, the Compact Grader is designed to fulfill the needs of small and medium sized companies.

The Compact Grader is a true asset to our company, says Shaukat Shaikh, Managing Director Hybro Foods Private Limited

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Customer Story: Marel's Compact Grader – the right choice!