Second Event to Optimize Packing, Labeling, and Dispatch

On June 18, Marel will stage its Packing, Labeling and Dispatch Event for the second time. The event established itself in 2014 as a unique opportunity for food processors across the fish, meat, and poultry industries to find out how Marel can help them optimize and control their packing, labeling and dispatch processes.

The event is being held at Marel’s Progress Point demonstration center in Copenhagen and features live demonstrations in the facility’s demonstration area, as well as knowhow sessions about how those responsible for production, logistics, IT, or finance can improve their end-of-line process.

Two new products will be launched at the event, and the equipment being demonstrated will include Marel’s Thermoform Line with label detection, its Robot Packing Line, Integrated Packing Line, Innova Software Solutions, and standalone equipment from packing to dispatch.

As well as interactive Innova displays, a new addition this year is the Innova Office. This room is designed to give processors a real sense of how Marel’s Innova Software Solutions can further add value to their production.

The knowhow sessions during the event cover topics ranging from how Marel’s new Vision System can reduce the risk of recalls and improve your quality, to production optimization with Innova’s new OEE module for End of Line and Dispatch processes.

Packing event Progress Point