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Severnaya: latest improvement project

24 Mar 2014

The modern poultry integration OAO P / F Severnaya, acquired in 1996 by the Dutch Agro Invest Brinky, lies just outside St. Petersburg. The Company recently made further substantial investment in the modernization and expansion of its production capacity.
The fully vertically integrated company now provides the local market with the highest quality fresh poultry meat and processes two million broilers per week. The latest investment project was implemented in close cooperation between the Severnaya and Marel Stork teams and was finalized in 3 months. Severnaya now has the latest technology and is ready for the next challenge.

We have chosen for Marel Stork again because of the high quality technology and high yields. And, just as important, the Stork people.
- Jesse Bos – Project Manager from Brinky.
Severnaya plant

“The first years after 1996 were used to modernize existing facilities (feed mill, hatchery, growing sheds and processing plant). In 2001 two complete Stork lines were purchased. Soon the various links in the chain could no longer cope with the strong growth”, says Jesse Bos, Project Manager from Brinky. In consultation with Marel Stork the decision was taken to expand both 9,000 bph (150 bpm) lines to 2 x 13,500 bph (225 bpm) lines, the maximum capacity achievable today in the industry. Bos: “Alongside the increase in processing capacity other companies in the group had to grow too. An example: to enable a smooth product flow no fewer than 80 growing sheds were built, each for a capacity of 80,000 broilers.”

Big steps forward!

During the three-month project, the entire GP live bird handling system was updated for an optimum start to the process. Kill and evisceration lines were then expanded with new modules and updated to the latest standard. The Stork Nuova 24 eviscerator was installed. This saw an increase in giblet yields.

Inline Immersion Chilling line at Severnaya

Chilling results

The traditional spin chilling installation was replaced with a combination of in-line immersion chilling and in-line air chilling. This solution included automatic re-hanging of the products and in addition to improving product quality now allows full traceability. Bos adds: “We also saw a huge reduction in labor costs. Because of the limited space and need for cost control we decided on a multi-layer chilling tunnel. This meant that extensive reconstruction of the building was not needed and our 27,000 products per hour (450 bpm) could be chilled to the right breast core temperature in the required time.”

Fast and well done

Severnaya plant

Expansion, a very large project, has been successfully realized in three months with a large team of employees both from Severnaya and Marel Stork working closely together. Any loss in production hours was kept to a minimum and it is fair to say that coordination and planning of the project both in the Netherlands and Russia, contributed to its success. Production capacity, product quality and yields have all gone up.

Jesse Bos: “We have chosen for Marel Stork again because of the high-quality technology and high yields. And, just as important, the Stork people. They are very committed and motivated, indispensable for projects of this size, especially in combination with the time pressure we had.”

More to come

Today Severnaya is a high-volume processing plant equipped with the latest technology with its focus on the production of high-quality fresh whole products for the Russian market. With a weekly production of over 2,000,000 broilers, the focus is shifting towards more cut-up parts packed in their final retail packaging. Bos adds: “Market requirements are changing and we are already planning for the next improvements.”

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