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Stork AeroScalder Wins 2012 EuroTier Golden Innovation Award

04 Oct 2012

EuroTier Golden Innovation AwardWinning the 2012 EuroTier Golden Innovation Award is a great confirmation of the potential of the all new AeroScalder
- Anton de Weerd, Managing Director of Marel Stork Poultry Processing.

The use of the traditional immersion scalder to obtain an optimum scalding effect can become a thing of the past with the introduction of the new Stork AeroScalder.
Main benefits are:
bullet up to 75% water reduction,
bullet up to 50% energy reduction,
bullet no more immersion of products in contaminated scalding water
bullet virtually no cross contamination during scalding.

For many years, the industry has been looking for better alternatives to the well-known hot water immersion scalding. After extensive research, Marel Stork Poultry Processing is proud to announce its next milestone in the primary processing of poultry: the all new AeroScalder. Anton de Weerd, Managing Director of Marel Stork Poultry Processing states, “When we started designing this completely new scalding concept we had a few goals. Besides a perfect scalding result, we wanted to reduce the operational costs and reduce the use of natural resources and energy.”
The new Stork AeroScalder
Main benefits
After testing the AeroScalder thoroughly in the field, Marel Stork reported a water reduction up to 75% and an energy reduction up to 50%.

Besides that, it became clear that the process of the AeroScalder is much cleaner than its traditional predecessor. Products are not immersed in contaminated scalding water, there is virtually no cross contamination of pathogens in the scalder and visually the products look much better.

Moisturized hot air
The innovative strength of the AeroScalder lies in the scalding medium – moisturized hot air- and the possibility to apply it in a controllable way. Products are no longer immersed into hot water. Moisturized hot air is applied via blowers and rotating nozzles at specific spots of the products which need more scalding. This, combined with a high air speed, results in a perfect scalding effect without over scalding of valuable parts.  Besides less odor emission, the AeroScalder enables a very stable and constant process. First products get the same treatment as the last ones.

´Innovation: part of our DNA´
Anton de Weerd continues, “It is our goal that our customers are able to distinguish themselves. We are convinced that developing innovative products is the best way to support our customers.” Throughout the years, Marel Stork has introduced a large number of new solutions to the market. Many of them have become a benchmark for the poultry industry. “You could say that innovation is in the DNA of our organization. The fact that we won the 2012 EuroTier Golden Innovation Award confirms the potential of this new, innovative solution. It stimulates us in our goal to develop more sustainable technologies. We thank the jury for their confidence.”

EuroTier 2012: ‘100% innovation’
The AeroScalder was one of more than 10 innovative solutions that Marel Stork Poultry Processing presented at EuroTier 2012. That’s why we chose ‘100% innovation’ as the theme for the show. The innovative solutions bring poultry processors improvements in the areas of ‘higher yields’, ‘process control’, ‘food safety’ and ‘sustainability’.

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