Support for Pluto Poultry StreamLine

30 Sep 2015

Innova Release 5.5.0

Support has been added to the Innova Trimming module for the new Pluto-based Poultry StreamLine control software. The new control software has been designed and implemented to be fully compatible with the Innova Trimming module in terms of configuration and data registration. A Pluto-based StreamLine can therefore be connected to Innova and configured in similar way as other flowlines. All existing reports and control screens are fully compatible with the new Poultry StreamLine.

Main features:

  • Station infeed control. Innova sets the online state of a station on the line based on the availability of the station in Innova. The infeed state can also be controlled manually by the operators from the RT-220 terminal screens.
  • Product buffers and discharge control are configured with the Line Output settings of the active Trimming program.
  • Full QC support. Innova is notified about pieces coming from the line and will request pieces to be delivered to the appropriate QC station. If a piece is successfully delivered to a QC station on the line, the piece appears on the Innova Trimming QC station.