World's benchmark in breast cap deboning

25 May 2016

Always new opportunities with Stork AMF-BX FlexControl 

Breast cap deboning

Already at its launch the Stork AMF-BX FlexControl was the benchmark in breast cap deboning and became a huge success with hundreds of systems in operation worldwide. Time and again continuous development is opening up new product opportunities for this system, at the same time maximizing deboning efficiency, quality and yield.

The top quality, high yield fillet products created on an AMF-BX FlexControl system are perfectly fit for retail sale or for use in further processed products. This well proven breast cap filleting solution may boast hundreds of installs worldwide, and it continues to be the benchmark in breast cap deboning. The most renowned firms in every part of the world, be it China, India, South America, Russia, Africa or Europe prove that AMF-BX FlexControl is performing very well under all circumstances, for all capacities.

Breast cap deboning system

Fully automated 

AMF-BX FlexControl not only produces a wide range of breast fillet products for retail and industrial customers but also harvests valuable by-products, such as skin, breast tendon meat and breast cartilage. 

Breaking the total process into steps, which can be continuously monitored and controlled by the FlexControl interface, is the secret behind the system. 

Final fillet and tenderloin removal, inspection and trimming are always done manually. Apart from that, all filleting operations can be done automatically, thus saving manual labor. A full-scale AMF-BX deboning system would comprise modules carrying out the following tasks: breast cap loading, deskinning, breast blister removal, wishbone removal, fillet halving, fillet separation, tendon cutting, tenderloin separation, breast tendon harvesting and cartilage harvesting.

Breast cap deboning, deskinning module

Modular set-up

Breast caps are automatically loaded onto the rotating product holders and conveyed through each of the system’s modules by the transport mechanism. Turning stations position the holder correctly for each processing operation. Each module is responsible to handle one specific process step and modules can be switched on or off to create different end products. Every individual poultry processor can choose his own preferred line-up of modules, whichever suits them best. The system can debone a wide range of breast cap weights into a wide range of skin-on or skinless breast fillet products, varying from whole butterflies with tenderloins attached to half fillets with tenderloins harvested separately.

Touchscreen, sensors and PLC's 

Breast cap deboning

Poultry processors typically handle a range of breast cap weights. For optimum yield and top product quality it is essential that modules are set correctly for the weight of breast cap being processed. This is what FlexControl does best. Each time the calibrated breast cap weight of the batch changes, the in-feed operator easily chooses the new weight range on a touch screen at the FlexControl system. All module settings will change automatically to handle the new weight. Top yield and quality are therefore guaranteed across the whole range of breast cap weights and on all breast fillet products. This gives processors optimum flexibility, allowing them to react flexibly to changing orders from their customers.

Sensors along the system determine the timing of operations such as start/stop of a cutting blade or the cutting length. A PLC system (programmable logic controller) resets these adjustments almost immediately when breast cap weights change, optimizing the cutting action and timing of all modules and keeping yields and product quality at a consistently high level.


Besides the modules, the Stork AMF-BX FlexControl can also be enriched with various add-ons, such as the SystemFlex buffer belt. When the time comes to debone the breast caps, they are loaded by calibrated weight ranges (of for instance 100 grams) onto the SystemFlex buffer belt which takes them to the infeed of the AMF-BX FlexControl system. The buffer belt is controlled by the same operator who feeds the deboner system’s semi-automatic breast cap loader. This ensures a smooth, uninterrupted flow of product to the deboning system, keeping production efficiency at the highest level. 

Ongoing refinements

The AMF-BX FlexControl breast cap deboner hits yield and quality targets time after time, across the whole range of breast cap weights handled by poultry processors. Nevertheless, Marel Poultry is always looking for ongoing refinement, even of proven solutions.

That's why in time, the number of end product options for the AMF-BX has considerably grown, manual operations were reduced, the cuts became more complex, PLC controls replaced pneumatic parts and a user-friendly control by menu was integrated. As a result, the system’s yield kept on increasing.

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