Innova Software Service

We are committed to delivering innovative software solutions that add value to your business. Therefore we place great emphasis on continuous development of products and services that meet your expectations and match ever-evolving trends within the marketplace.

Our powerful Life Cycle Support program is the backbone of this commitment to our customers. Innova’s service portfolio ranges from assistance with routine issues on general software use, to advanced consultancy services that empower you to make the most out of your software investment.

24/7 support line

Innova 24/7 Support Line

Provides access to emergency support for critical incidents outside normal working hours and is available 24/7/365. The Innova 24/7 support line is vital for food processing companies that are running mission-critical systems, when every minute of downtime and every interruption counts.
  • Fast response time
  • Lower risk of production downtime
  • Peace of mind


Life Cycle Support

Innova Software MaintenanceInnova is continuously developed to fit changing market needs and requirements. Our Life Cycle Support program provides users with rights to all new version releases, which are released on a regular basis. Provides remote and telephone support during normal working hours.
  • Access to all upgrades
  • Single point of entry for all Innova service and support
  • Life cycle support reduces operational risk, improves control of IT costs, and reduces financial risk


Innova SYSTEM Maintenance

Includes a suite of services designed to keep the Innova software and IT infrastructure in an
optimal state. This prevents or minimizes unexpected downtime and disturbances.
  • Keeps system up to date to ensure reliability and availability
  • Reduces costly downtime through preventive maintenance
  • Evaluates users and operators, and devises ongoing training plans


Innova Customer Training

Designed for IT and technical personnel, operations and production managers,
and shop-floor operators, to keep users up to date on new developments and continually improve their skills to operate the system.
  • Continuous skills improvements for customer workforce
  • Optimized system utilization
  • Training new employees



Innova Customer Training

Innova Remote System Inspection helps minimize unexpected downtime through preventive maintenance to the database, network, server or other critical IT infrastructure.
  • Keeps System in an optimal state to ensure performance
  • Reduces costly downtime through preventive maintenance



Innova Consultancy Services
Designed to focus on specific improvement tasks with clear financial
and business goals for customer operations.
  • Analyzes future business and financial impact
  • Analyzes current processes and suggests improvements
  • Provides better management tools with improved KPIs
  • Serves the customer’s specific needs
  • Enables the identification and implementation of improvements