Stork service training

Having good equipment and good maintenance plays an important role in the success of your business, but so too does having a good workforce. Their dedication, quality and experience have direct influence not just on the proper day-to-day working and service life of your machinery, but also on production volumes and the quality of your end products.

The key to success is a well-trained workforce. When your employees fully understand the equipment, have increased their level of competency and built up a solid knowledge base of the machinery and technology, they will be able to ensure that production keeps running at an optimum level.

Experienced or well-trained staff is therefore essential for your organization’s success. The employment market, however, does not always make life easy for you. Frequent changes can result in staff not being trained sufficiently or not having the specific experience needed.

In such cases a Marel Poultry training course can be a solution for you. Our training course can contribute positively towards:

  • Optimized processes 
  • Optimized up time
  • Higher yields
  • Higher quality of your end product 
  • Motivated and involved staff
  • Improved safety

Marel Poultry has the know-how, experience and experts available to help you by training your employees in the best possible way. Our specialists know exactly how to give your employees the information and training they need in order to allow your production to operate at the highest level. Through the use of a practical, hands-on method, our trainers offer a way of learning that will ensure your employees can easily put their newly learnt skills into practice.