Leg Dressing

Leg dressingEasily pliable leg and hip joints for easy trussing after chilling

Dressing/trussing legs is a popular way of presenting whole birds. Stiff joints, however, make trussing chilled whole birds difficult. Trussing before chilling is easier but disturbs the in-line process.

Marel Poultry offers equipment for bending and stretching broiler leg and hip joints to make them pliable again after chilling. This allows you to truss without any hard work being involved.

The in-line process is not disturbed and from both bacteriological and yield points of view it is best if whole birds are trussed and packed after chilling.

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Leg Dressing Module RS

Leg Dressing Module RS

Bends and stretches leg and hip joints mechanically to make chicken pliable after chilling. Reduces the amount of force needed for trussing by at least 70%.