Water treatment in poultry processing

<p>Given the environmental requirements on the one hand and the scarcity of water in some parts of the world, on the other hand, treatment of wastewater has become a very important aspect in the poultry industry. Wastewater treatment helps reduce the water footprint of poultry processing.</p> <p>Being a full-line supplier, Marel Poultry is able to supply made-to-measure water treatment solutions. These cost-effective and energy efficient systems solve many complex challenges posed by wastewater disposal.</p> <h4>Take care of water</h4> <p>Poultry processing plants use water, e.g. to transport offal and to clean products, machines and rooms. Every plant has to take care of its wastewater which obviously mustn’t be released untreated to the sewer, groundwater or surface water such as ditches, rivers or the ocean.</p> <h4>Fit for reuse or discharge</h4> <p>Process wastewater from a poultry processing plant can contain elements such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, blood, feathers, meat particles, residual acids, metals, and chemicals. Wastewater should be treated to get rid of such pollutants (contaminants). By improving and purifying–removing some or all of the contaminants–Marel Water Treatment makes the water fit for discharge to the sewer or surface water, or to a purifying installation for an upgrade to process water for reuse.</p> <p>Do you need more detailed information about Marel Water Treatment solutions for the poultry industry? </p>