<div class="dc_component dc_webcomponents_html"> <div class="limit process-text"> <p>The presentation of ducks requires a perfect breast skin: feathers should be completely removed, but the skin must not be damaged. Marel Poultry eminently masters the process of waxing and offers compact, fully enclosed and fully in-line single or double waxing systems, including an efficient wax recycling system, suitable for all capacities.</p> <p>After scalding and plucking, the products, hanging in line, are immersed through a bath filled with plucking wax. Subsequently follows an immersion in a wax cooling tank, filled with cold water. Here the wax solidifies after which it is ready to be removed automatically in a wax peeler, taking off pins and smaller feathers. If needed this process can be repeated. Wax is melted, filtered and brought back into the process to be re-used at the correct temperature.</p> <div></div> </div> </div> <div class="limit"></div>