Marinating and tumbling

<h3>In-line marinating and injecting: popular &amp; profitable</h3> <p>It is very popular to marinate and garnish all kinds of bone-in and deboned products. These techniques add value to your products and offer interesting possibilities in virtually all markets, with new tastes and applications being introduced all the time.</p> <p>With our massage and marinating solutions, you can process small batches in-line, either wet or dry, larger or smaller products, with or without bone and with or without additives.</p> <h4>In-line marinating</h4> <p>Food suppliers are facing an increasing demand for marinated and massaged poultry products. The unique Marel in-line marinating solution, which is both quick and easy, keeps the process in-line, making tracking and tracing easier, without the need for manual product handling.</p> <h4>Injection</h4> <p>Combining tried and true principles, state-of-the-art technology and sanitation innovations we provide you with the best solutions for your injecting needs.</p>