<h3>Tailored to your requirements</h3> <p>Marel end-of-line systems perform the final operations to complete the packing process and provide the presentation specified by the end customer. This equipment comprises a combination of well-proven elements from the Marel range, and can be tailored to each processor’s particular requirements.</p> <h4>Checkweighing</h4> <p>High-speed checkweighing is most effective in conforming to stringent weights and measures legislation. Our checkweighers can handle virtually any product, working easily, quickly and extremely reliable in the harshest of environments – even exceeding IP66.</p> <h4>Labeling</h4> <p>Marel offers a wide range of labeling machines for virtually any product – however delicate or fragile. All thinkable labels can be applied in a variety of methods and configurations onto all kinds of packs or products.</p> <h4>Pack handling</h4> <p>Controlled by Innova software, our automated pack handling equipment minimizes the need for manual intervention and achieves perfectly labeled and accurately tracked packs and batches. This means cost savings, improved product flow and higher throughput for processors.</p> <h4>Weigh price labeling</h4> <p>Marel Weigh Price Labelers can be tailored precisely to your needs and can be reconfigured as required. Designed for a wide range of applications, and compatible with our Innova system, they can handle all popular pack sizes at up to 160 packs per minute.</p>