<h3>High quality end products result from highest hygiene values</h3> <p>Evisceration is a crucial stage in processing which safeguards the quality of your end products, including giblets. The process comprises various modules, to be combined according to your needs. Our evisceration solutions can deal with all turkey processing challenges.</p> <h4>Three-point suspension</h4> <p>The products are suspended in the overhead conveyor which can be angled in order to present the product to the equipment with maximum positioning control at each process step. This three-point suspension is able to handle the removed intestines without contaminating or soiling the product. Furthermore, it saves a lot of manual operations.</p> <h4>Evisceration</h4> <p>Our automated inline carrousel eviscerators for turkeys are capable of handling even the biggest male turkeys. The modular equipment can be configured to suit your needs and processing capacity.</p> <p>For the highest product quality at the end of the line, good evisceration is essential, at the same time allowing you to achieve the highest yields and hygiene standards.</p> <h4>Gizzard processing</h4> <p>Harvesting gizzards from the viscera pack become easy with the specialized solutions. After having been drawn out of the carcass, the valuable parts can undergo various processes, such as inspection and chilling.</p>