Killing and defeathering

<h3>Balancing animal welfare, product quality and efficiency</h3> <p>The processes of stunning, killing and defeathering significantly contribute to the quality, shelf life and appearance of end products. Marel's solutions succeed in finding the proper balance between animal welfare, product quality, efficiency and hygiene.</p> <h4>Stunning and killing</h4> <p>Processors from all parts of the world can find their own preferred method of turkey stunning at Marel; higher or lower voltages for electrical stunning, different air mixtures for CAS stunning, all complying with animal welfare regulations applicable in different countries and cultures.</p> <h4>Scalding</h4> <p>When it comes to scalding, it is essential to take into account local market preferences. The customers' wants and needs are decisive in determining how a product should look.</p> <p>Specialized turkey scalders accommodate very large products; they maximize plucking quality and prevent loss of yield by always achieving a fine appearance which generates the highest quality product presentation.</p> <h4>Defeathering</h4> <p>Guiding turkeys through pluckers is a specialized job because of their weight and lack of flexibility. The dedicated counter rotating turkey plucker can cope with these characteristics.</p> <p>The turkey defeathering process is about more than just removing feathers, as the mechanical action of the picking/plucking fingers on the product will influence the physiological quality of the meat. One of the many options available is the counter-rotating principle, which allows a softer, lower temperature, scald. As less equipment is needed at higher line speeds, wing damage is reduced too.</p>