Live bird handling

<h3>Well though-out logistics at the start are essential for the rest of the process</h3> <p>How well live turkeys are supplied to the processing plant will contribute significantly to its overall efficiency. Modular live bird handling systems provide the best possible conditions for the efficient and welfare-friendly loading of birds on farm and transport to the processing plant. </p> <p>Excellent logistics are the hallmark of a live bird handling system, meeting the most stringent requirements for throughput, durability and hygiene. Each system will be laid out to take account of individual hourly throughput and the desired level of automation. In each case the result will be higher product quality, labor saved and better ergonomics. Various technically advanced options for cleaning and disinfecting containers will reduce the risk of cross-contamination to an absolute minimum.</p> <p>GP live bird handling system makes for optimum efficiency and saves labor. An automatic container unloading unit removes turkeys from the container and places them smoothly on a belt in a constant flow for entry into a CAS-T controlled atmosphere stunning installation. Stunned birds are then hung to killing line shackles. It is no longer necessary to hang conscious flapping birds and thanks to a high conveyor belt directly under the shackles, operators don’t have to lift the full weight of the heavy turkeys. </p> <p>Marel can also offer traditional crate handling systems with the option of mechanical stackers and destackers.</p>