<h3>Specialized precise cut-up with high performance</h3> <p>Together with accuracy of cut and unrivalled yield, flexibility is the hallmark of Marel’s high-performance modular ACM-T turkey cut-up solution. A wide choice of modules gives almost limitless configuration and production options, allowing the system to be used for all capacities and market requirements. Product carriers transport products through the different processing modules positioning them precisely for each operation even at high line speeds. Top yield and quality are the result. Some of the modules can be by-passed. ACM-T turkey cut-up system is suitable for both water and air chilled products.</p> <p>Examples of processing modules are modules to stretch product, to make an incision into the skin at the groin, to cut off front halves, and to cut stumps, socks and drumsticks. The system can be reset quickly for bigger or smaller products giving optimum production flexibility.</p> <p>Supported by sophisticated technologies, the number of end product options has become ever larger and the number of manual operations fewer.</p>