Overhead grading and distribution

<h3>Precise product assessment based on weight and quality</h3> <p>Automatic weighing, grading and distribution are significant steps when aiming for good in-plant logistics, full traceability, reduced give-away and improved yield.</p> <h4>Weighing</h4> <p>Considering today’s turkey processing capacities, a fast quality assessment system has become indispensable. A smart weighing device is a key component in the determination of whole product quality. High accuracy in whole product weighing is important; by using the advanced Marel technology in the form of SmartWeigher and visual inspection, precise weighing and assessing of products becomes easy. Each whole product is tagged to facilitate downstream tracking for optimum allocation to the right destination.</p> <h4>Batching</h4> <p>Thanks to the cooperation of software, hardware and human labor, graded products are brought to the right place where they are batched. By reducing give-away and saving labor, effective batching is crucial to the success of poultry processing. With the help of advanced Innova PDS software, product selection to form batches can be done based on criteria such as minimum weight or fixed weight.</p>