<h3>Personalized to meet customer demands</h3> <p>Presentation of the product is extremely important to the end customers. Therefore, the packing process needs some specialized final operations that Marel end-of-line systems can perform excellently. This equipment comprises a combination of well-proven elements from the Marel range, and can take into account the personal demands of your customers.</p> <h4>Checkweighing</h4> <p>It's a challenging task to conform to stringent weights and respect all legislations while preparing a turkey end product. Marel's advanced, high-speed checkweighers are most effective and can check the weight of virtually any product. They work easily, quickly and extremely reliably in the harshest of environments – even exceeding IP66.</p> <h4>Labeling</h4> <p>Turkey end products may be delicate or irregularly shaped, but still, they have to be labeled. All of Marel's labeling machines succeed in handling with care practically every product and label it properly.</p> <p>Applications like ingredients labeling ask for informative, descriptive, colorful and high-quality plain text labels. Marel labelers apply a wide range of methods and configurations to provide expert top, side, single, double or 3-side labeling. Non-contact or inline printing can be chosen to label all kinds of packs or products.</p> <h4>Pack handling</h4> <p>Your end-of-line operations can become much easier when you automate pack handling and batching. This results in higher throughput, improved product flow and cost savings.</p> <p>Manual intervention isn't needed anymore, as Innova software controls the operations of the pack handling equipment in order to achieve precisely labeled and tracked packs.</p> <h4>Weigh price labeling</h4> <p>Marel Weigh Price Labelers can handle a wide range of applications and they can be configured to meet your requirements. Thanks to our Innova Production Control, the Weigh Price Labelers can be remotely programmed and monitored. They provide outstanding weighing and packing of most current pack dimensions at speeds of up to 160 packs per minute, with low running cost.</p>