Convenience, case-ready and value-added

<p>Our further processing applications add value to any range of convenience or case ready fish, meat or poultry products. We offer highly automated equipment that treats raw material gently through the entire process, be it marinating, coating, forming or frying. Our case-ready lines enable companies to supply products that are competitive by reducing labor costs, cutting processing time, minimizing giveaway and increasing yield.</p>

Why Marel?

<p>Our systems are adaptable to the production of low or high volumes of consistent top quality products. Suitable for an extensive range of proteins, our systems are innovative and efficient. They are designed to ensure gentle product handling, the best raw material utilization and maximum yield.</p>

Intelligent software

<p>Innova Food Processing software not only monitors production efficiency, costs and yields, but also executes production orders. The software can also collect and store the necessary information that accompanies products from the processing plant to the retailer.</p>


  • Poultry convenience products
  • Meat case-ready
  • Fish value added