Marel offers both high-pressure and low-pressure formers for poultry, meat and fish, as well as vegetables and alternative proteins. The formers increase utilization of raw material, offer great yield and a highly customizable product range. The high pressure portioning and forming enables the development of a wide range of products such as nuggets, schnitzels and burgers for the home and catering industries.


  • Poultry forming
  • Meat forming
  • Fish forming

Why Marel?

<p>Our range of further processing formers deliver quality end products with optimum shape retention and weight accuracy. We focus on uniformity and the retention of texture and structure whether you need a handmade look or a more automated one. Marel equipment is efficient, robust and technically advanced, allowing you to get the most out of your raw material.</p>

Intelligent software

<p>Monitor the forming process with Innova Food Processing Software. Innova provides processors with accurate and reliable on-line data to help improve performance and make intelligent decisions.  Innova includes live dashboards that monitor your process and production in real time so you can respond immediately to any variations. </p>