<p>Marel offers an established range of high quality equipment to prepare your raw material for further processing. Our grinding, mixing, emulsifying, feeding and fat analysis systems are hygienic, efficient and easy to use. We also supply feeders and screw conveyors to transport fresh or frozen raw material mass. Highly automated preparation systems for all desired volumes.</p>


  • Poultry meat preparation
  • Meat preparation

Why Marel?

<p>Manufactured to handle extremely high capacities, our systems are capable of enduring extremely heavy loads. They demand an absolute minimum of maintenance and are designed to be thoroughly hygienic. Suitable for producing a wide variety of end products with optimum recipe control, our preparation units are easy to integrate into full production lines or connect with other equipment.</p>

Intelligent software

<p>Innova Food Processing Software offers production control that enables you to reach a higher and more consistent product quality, thereby improving your overall profitability.  It gives you full overview of every aspect of production making production planning and scheduling easy and efficient.  </p>