Marel offers a range of weighing units specifically designed to withstand the harsh environment of food processing plants – without any trade-off in weighing accuracy. The Marel bench and floor scales can be combined with a comprehensive range of Marel weighing indicators and HMIS, printers, software and accessories to suit individual processing needs. Marel scales are suitable as stand-alone installations or part of a complete production management system.

Why Marel?

<p>Marel’s range of industrial scales has proven to be fast, accurate and extremely reliable in the harsh conditions of the washdown environment. The Marel scales pack powerful features into a conveniently small amount of space. These robust and highly stable scales are designed for minimal maintenance and are capable of enduring decades of daily use.</p>

Intelligent software

<p>The scales are designed for close integration with the Innova food production software. Innova controls and monitors every step of the production process allowing full coverage of every part of the process. This includes the reception of raw material through to the dispatch of finished goods.</p>


  • Poultry weighing
  • Meat weighing
  • Fish weighing