The humane treatment of animals is very important to the sustainability and quality of food production. Marel emphasizes animal welfare in every aspect of its modular live animal handling systems. Available for white and red meat production, our systems support environmental and economic responsibility in the most crucial stages of the product lifecycle.

Why Marel?

<p>Marel’s reliable animal handing systems safeguard meat quality, save labor, improve ergonomics and offer the best possible start to your process. Our live system's in-plant logistics meet the highest demands for line speed, hygiene and durability.</p>

Intelligent software

<p>Innova - Marel's sophisticated food processing software -  offers full traceability from source to shelf. The modular, interconnected system provides a complete overview of the raw materials' journey through processing.</p>


  • Poultry live animal handling
  • Meat live animal handling