MarelMAX has been designed to give each Marel customer a tailor-made service package that works for them. We aren’t interested in selling you a service you don’t need, or will never make use of, and that’s why MarelMAX allows you to choose the exact service level you need for your operation, and scale or adapt it as your operation changes or grows.


MarelMAX offers a range of benefits while giving you peace of mind. Maintenance costs become more predictable, while your equipment’s lifetime can be enhanced. Routine tune-ups are scheduled to fit into your production cycle, and unexpected breakdowns can be kept to the absolute minimum.


We want our customers to benefit from their association with Marel, and that means more than just providing market-leading products; it means give them everything they need to keep their factories operating at peak capacity day in, day out. With MarelMax, you can rest assured that your service needs are taken care of.