Service Agreement

A Marel Service Agreement is always designed around your specific processing needs. We work together to identify which Service Solutions are best for you and build a contract based around these.

With a Marel Service Agreement you are guaranteeing that your operations receive priority support, preventive maintenance, and continuous improvements at a fixed cost.

Why buy a Marel Service Agreement?

Optimize your performance

With Marel Service Solutions you can optimize performance, control maintenance costs and maximize valuable resources while extending the lifetime of your equipment.

Maximize your uptime

Operational reliability is our goal. Marel Service Solutions offers a structured way to reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns. Regular inspections, spare parts packages and preventive maintenance help you maintain maximum uptime.

Control your costs

Maintenance costs become more predictable, equipment lifetime is extended, and routine tune-ups are scheduled to fit into your production cycle.

Marel Service

  • Generic services
  • Planned maintenance
  • Repairs and parts

What if I don’t have a Marel Service Agreement?

Customers without a Service Agreement are eligible for our pay-as-you-go service. Pay-as-you-go provides access to a Marel Support Specialist via our support center at a variable cost. The support center will provide telephone, remote, and on-site support with no fixed cost and includes:

  • Support in your local language during office hours
  • Access to equipment know-how without a defined response time
  • No contractual agreement as with a Service Agreement

However, pay-as-you-go services are often more expensive than purchasing Service Solutions bundled into a Service Agreement. Customers with a Service Agreement also receive a higher priority on their service requests.