Service agreement

A Marel Service Agreement is always designed around our customer’s specific needs. In cooperation with the customer, we define which service products are included in the contract.

The service agreement can include simple generic services or extensive planned maintenance services, including optimized spare part kits, and inspection visits. Our helpdesk is open 24/7, 365 days a year for direct support from our extensive global network of qualified service engineers and product specialists.

Marel Service Products are divided into three categories. Customers can choose one or more of the following service products from each category that best fits their needs into a "personalized" service agreement.

Our Service products fit in three categories: 

- Generic Services focus on optimizing equipment. Marel Service Products do not apply to a specific installed base but connect to a customer, a location, a machine, or a line of equipment.

- Repairs and Parts Services focus on minimizing downtime. Marel Service Products strive to correct or help correct equipment or process failure after the failure occurred. 

- Planned Maintenance Services focus on maximizing uptime and stimulate continuous improvements. Marel Service Products aiming to prevent equipment or process failure from happening.

There are several types of Marel Service visits:

  • Technical visits - During production hours, a Marel Service Engineer visits the plant to evaluate performance, assess, and adjust the technical settings of the equipment accordingly. Small repairs may be included during these visits. The engineer is present at the start-up and re-evaluates performance during production.
  • Technological visits – Yield measurements during production, and at various points in the process, are the starting point for potential improvements. We focus on the optimization of the production line/machines.
  • Mechatronic visits – Inspect sensors, vision systems, and Innova software applications to ensure optimal running.

Why buy a Marel Service Agreement?

  • Peace of mind
  • Easy access to Marel helpdesk and parts
  • Optimize uptime
  • Maximize performance
  • Know your maintenance costs

Marel service

  • Innova lifecycle support
  • Customer support center
  • Inspection visits
  • Critical parts packages
  • Preventative maintenance packages
  • Repair and exchange program
  • Consumable packages
  • Calibration
  • On-site emergency support
  • Training
  • Process consultancy
  • Upgrade kits

Customers without a Service Agreement can make use of our pay-as-you-go service that is automatically available to all Marel customers. It gives access to a Marel support specialist via our support center at a variable cost. The support centers will provide telephone, remote, and onsite support.

Pay as you go, with no fixed cost:

  • Access support in your local language during office hours.
  • Access knowledge and expertise without defined response time.
  • No contractual agreement as in a Service Level Agreement.