Spare parts

Quality equals performance with recommended components

All our parts are manufactured from high quality materials and give optimal performance in all our equipment. Many of our solutions use custom components, making Marel your first choice in providing the right part for the right application.

Marel offers flexible packages to allow you to select the best option for your business, whether buying a full range of common use replacements tailored to your equipment on site, spare parts kits to allow you to carry out planned maintenance of individual items, or individual parts as and when required.

By being prepared and using approved spare parts, you can help to minimize production stops and maximize your productivity.



Spare parts have manufacturer approval and are identical to those used in the equipment

High quality original spares manufactured for purpose

Spare parts stock available with contracted items

  • Fast access to the right spare parts
  • Reduce downtime

Replacement parts can be purchased in advance and located on site for internal or Marel engineer use

  • Reduce fix time, minimise length of production stops
  • Allow trained maintenance team to carry out standard maintenance and sustain equipment performance
  • Better control of operational costs

Possibility of overhauling equipment

  • Ensure current functionality
  • Cost effective equipment renewal, extends equipment lifetime and maximizes Return on Investment

Marel provides global Service with a local reach.  For spare part requests contact our service centers through phone.