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Indo Livestock 2024

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Hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia, the 17th Indo Livestock Expo & Forum is a 'must attend' event for decision makers and buyers in the livestock, feed, processing and dairy industries across Asia. The event is expected to attract more than 17,000 local, regional, and international trade visitors and delegates. These attendees represent integrators, governments, embassies, associations, veterinarians, livestock farmers, feed millers, wholesalers, retailers, food processors, universities, importers and distributors. Over 570 exhibitors from 40 countries are expected to participate. Indo Livestock Expo & Forum is proven to be the preferred venue for industry professionals to source new technology and equipment.

Indo Livestock 2024

Connected solutions for Indonesia

From July 17th to 19th, the Indo Livestock exhibition will take place in the Jakarta convention center, Jakarta, Indonesia. At our Marel booth, you will experience how our advanced solutions perfectly connect to the South East Asian markets.

Are you looking for advanced solutions and a new level of automation for your specific broiler processing plant? For each process stage and every capacity level, from 500 to 15,000 bph, we supply made-to-measure inline solutions.

From manual to automated processing

Processing plants in Indonesia, and in fact across Southeast Asia, operate at varying levels. While some are growing towards high capacities, using distribution, cut-up and deboning solutions, others process whole chickens only with quite some manual operations, to respond to their market demand. Regardless of the type or size of your poultry processing operation, if you are looking to step up to new levels of automation in their plants, you can turn to Marel for exactly matching solutions.

Grow with you
Our system range varies from primary processing - live bird handling, stunning, killing, scalding, defeathering, evisceration and chilling - up to breast filleting, grading, portioning, packing and labeling.
In the evisceration section, the Nuova CoreTech deserves special attention, as it can be an important step towards further automation. This eviscerator directly offers advanced Nuova technology, and is easily expandable in a later stage, adding more units, automated viscera rehang and automated giblet harvesting. When expansion to a higher level of automation is required, there is no need to change the whole machine; it simply grows with you! 

Coretech Eviscerator Poultry 2
Indo Livestock Visitors
Indolivestock Indonesia

If you are looking for new poultry processing challenges, you are invited to address our team, including Rudi Hudin (Sales Manager Indonesia), Joost Miltenburg (Sales Manager Marel Poultry SE Asia) and Mark Sturmans (Sales Manager Marel Prepared Foods). All our poultry experts available at our stand can support you in finding exactly the right solutions, making use of their extensive knowledge and linking this to your local market needs.

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