Marel employee welfare

Know every person counts? Our people do.

It’s our people that drive our success and it’s our people that make us the partner of choice for customers around the world.  

With technology driving us forward, it’s our people’s innovative mindsets, perseverance, craftsmanship, and creative problem-solving that allow us to create more sustainable food solutions for the world and everyone in it. We’re constantly learning together and building on what we know to advance our solutions and our business. 

At Marel, we help each other succeed because every person counts.

I love working at Marel because I know that my job is important and my ideas matter.

Adel Benedikt Sayari


Our people

Our people

The Marel team comes from a multitude of cultural, geographical, professional, and personal backgrounds, and we respect and encourage this diversity.   

We’re an international team of problem solvers, who feed off each other’s drive for creating leading solutions and transforming the future of food.

Our vision is to create a world where quality food is produced more efficiently, sustainably, and affordably.

Marel cultural diversity

Our culture

We're better when we're different. Diverse people bring diverse experiences, which leads to richer discussions, fresh ideas, and better decisions. We’re more innovative, creative and profitable.

We uphold Marel’s values of Unity, Innovation and Excellence by encouraging equality of opportunity, valuing diversity in all its forms, fostering a culture of inclusion, dealing with bullying, discrimination and harassment, and ensuring adherence to our diversity and inclusion commitments.

Our aim is to make every employee feel recognized, valued and respected, so both our people and our organization can achieve their full potential.

I love working for Marel as they provide me with new opportunities to grow my career and see the world

Greg Evans

RFS Service Development Specialist

Arni Presenting Digitalization

Our leadership

The women and men that make up Marel’s Board of Directors and Executive Team come from a range of backgrounds and bring a wealth of diverse experience to our leadership team.

meat processing plant employees

Join our team

We look for candidates who are accountable, curious, collaborative, open-minded, and driven to improve themselves and the world – and for whom Mondays are yet another day to help transform the future of food.

If you’re like our people, we want to hear from you!

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