Cutting, deboning and trimming

Cutting, deboning and trimming - Pork

Marel provides a comprehensive portfolio of advanced pork processing equipment and solutions, ergonomically designed to minimize wear and tear and reduce work-related strain injuries – and capable of meeting the entire spectrum of requirements for deboning, trimming and packing.

After chilling, pork carcasses are typically transferred to the deboning hall where they are cut up, deboned, trimmed and packed. After data capture, the carcasses are cut down into large primals, according to individual specifications and then weighed. The weight of the primals is captured into a subsequent deboning and trimming system.

The deboning and trimming can be done for example with our advanced hanging deboning system DeboFlex, the traditional PaceLine system or StreamLine: Our intelligent and flexible integrated solution for efficiently monitoring, analyzing, and maximizing the processes taking place in the deboning hall.

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