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Cornerstone of the Marel Digital journey

Marel is transforming the industry as it moves toward enhanced software offerings built on a new digital platform. By deploying these digital solutions, food processors will be able to interconnect factory equipment, making it effortless to configure, easy to control, and fully manageable through a cloud-based infrastructure. Today, the cornerstone of the overall Marel Digital undertaking is connectivity: the development of an extensive digital ecosystem for food processing.

Connectivity in a food processing factory

Why connectivity?

Connectivity is the step of connecting your data—in a seamless fashion—amongst all levels and layers of production and systems. The result is a digital ecosystem that actively organizes, sorts, and presents your data into a constructive form that enables actionable insights and optimization. Connectivity enables proactive and predictive maintenance capabilities; it is the foundation for new software and services from Marel.

  • Prevent unexpected downtime
  • Optimize data-based decision-making
  • Advance service capabilities
  • Support scalability based on your needs

Components of connectivity

Connectivity is not a single machine, technology, or software solution that unlocks the power of data-driven processing. It relies on a combination of equipment, technologies, and digital offerings. 

Connectivity evolves from various fundamental building blocks—enabling technologies and services that Marel has established to provide you with a seamless integrated solution.

Digital Engine

Digital Engine

This IoT-edge device is attached to individual machines to enable data collection to cloud.
Cloud platform

Cloud platform

Built on the Azure cloud platform from Microsoft, the Marel Cloud stores and processes your data.


Accumulated data is analyzed to provide the right insight at the right time.
Data principles

Data principles

Marel has established best practices for handling data.
Digital security

Digital security

Data protection and controlled access to data is enacted by using Microsoft security mechanisms.


Functionality is available on any device, at any time, from anywhere you need to access it.


These standardized interfaces deliver dynamic web-based visualizations.


Alarms, warnings, and messages are organized and surfaced for easy insights and actions.


Marel provides software-enabled reactive, proactive, and predictive remote services.
SmartBase software Architecture

How connectivity works

Marel machines are now equipped with the functionality to connect to the Marel Cloud securely. Data is stored in a customer-specific database that customers can access via a web portal. With customer permission, Marel can access the data when providing remote support. For innovation purposes, Marel also anonymizes and isolates this data in order to improve our machines and products moving forward.

  • Marel’s objective is to keep our customer’s system and data secure
  • Customers own and control their data
  • Marel only accesses customer data for remote support
Innova SmartBase

SmartBase explained

SmartBase is the new monitoring solution that takes advantage of the Marel connectivity infrastructure. It features web portal access to information about the technical health of connected machines. By adopting SmartBase monitoring, food processors can access live and historical insights—including machine status and performance plus basic production metrics—that help them improve resource use and prevent unplanned downtime.


Live and historical insights. Guides informed decision-making and steers machine optimization.

Increased uptime. Provides visibility into real-time machine technical status and basic production data, and identifies trends.

Accessibility. Supports anywhere access to web portal from any browsers and devices.

Improved remote support

Quicker resolution time. Facilitates faster operational problem-solving and issue rectification.

Improved first-time fix. Permits root-cause analysis and better preparation for service visits.

Sustainability. Enables Marel technicians to solve problems remotely, meaning fewer fly-in, fly-out service visits.

Software as a service (SaaS)

Updates. Access continuous delivery of new features and enhancements.

Easy activation. Sign up to get immediate access to standard dashboards.

Digital offerings. Evolve solution and service sophistication with SmartBase.

Innova Connectivity Sketch Components

SmartBase-enabled machines

The following SmartBase-enabled machines are available today. Soon, Marel will release additional machines that are SmartBase-enabled, and is developing other digital offerings that interoperate with SmartBase technology. These are steps in the Marel Digital journey as we continue to innovate to make it possible for customers to benefit from their factory data.

  • FleXicut
  • SensorX
  • Nuova-i
  • Modular Oven
  • I-Slice 3400
  • Compact Grader

SmartBase FAQ

What is SmartBase?
SmartBase is Marel’s new machine monitoring solution based on IoT and cloud technology. Designed for food processors to access their current and recent machine health and production data such as temperature, current, pressure, throughput, weight, and other key metrics. SmartBase provides the foundation towards data driven decisions for the food processing industry.

How much does SmartBase cost?
SmartBase is the new standard functionality for Marel machines. It is a software subscription product, offered to our customers free-of-charge.

How do I access my data?
SmartBase users are provided access to their data via the Marel web portal using their own secure login. They can view this data on any device that has access to the web, e.g. laptops, phones, tablets, etc.

Do I own and control the data?
The customer owns and controls all identifiable information generated from their Marel machines. Marel will access the customer’s identifiable information only with their explicit approval as part of a product or service delivery.

How do you keep my data secure?
The Marel Cloud platform is built on standard Microsoft Azure technology and uses Microsoft’s security mechanisms to ensure protection and controlled access to the data. Marel’s objective is to keep customer data, operations, and processes secure, therefore security is embedded directly into Marel’s platform and products.

How do I activate SmartBase?
Activation of SmartBase is a simple four-step process, including actions from both customers and Marel together.

  • Step 1: Customer configures network and firewall settings
  • Step 2: Marel configures the Digital Engine for the machine (On-Site installation for retrofit machine)
  • Step 3: Marel onboards the machine to the Marel Cloud
  • Step 4: Marel provides customer training & access

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