Turkey FHF XT

Skinning, deboning and inspection

Unrivaled modular turkey deboning automation

Marel’s ability to fillet turkey front halves automatically is unique in turkey processing. Marel’s technically advanced solution gives users maximum turkey meat yield and its modular construction allows generous layout flexibility.

The FHF-XT system can debone turkey front halves into various products such as whole or segmented wings cut into three parts, shoulder meat with or without skin, skin-on or skinless fillet with or without tenderloin attached. The system will handle both male and female turkeys. Changeover between males and females is quick and easy.
For consistently top quality end products, an FHF-XT installation can be complemented by a StreamLine system.

Deboned turkey meat can be scanned using SensorX advanced x-ray technology. SensorX detects the exact location of bone and any other contaminants, allowing meat to be trimmed effectively and adding extra value to your product.

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