Demo Center Oberlahr Portion Cutting Demo

Demo Center Oberlahr

Welcome to our demonstration and training center, where you can meet with our specialists and see up close how Marel and TREIF innovations enhance food production across the globe. Featuring an expansive demonstration space, our facilities enable you to experience the full potential of our solutions in an interactive environment. We also offer space for conferences, meetings, dinners and other networking events, as well as a range of services such as training sessions.

Demo Center Oberlahr Demonstrations

Customized demonstrations

Our demo areas can simulate real plant conditions, giving you the opportunity to learn about our solutions in a realistic setting. You can bring your own products and test our equipment to see its full potential before you commit. This is a place to experiment, learn about new technologies, exchange ideas with production specialists and discover what best meets your needs and challenges.

Demo Center Oberlahr Events

Customer Events

Demo Center Oberlahr displays an extensive range of food cutting technology and is a place to exchange ideas, collaborate and explore the latest advances in the industry. Customer events at Oberlahr are an excellent opportunity to meet with Marel experts and industry peers and learn how Marel solutions can help organize and optimize your production.

Demo Center Oberlahr Training


We offer training sessions for staff such as customer technicians and sales and service teams. The hands-on environment enables your team to learn how to use new equipment and experience a range of challenges without any interruption to your production. The training aims to upgrade staff’s knowledge and qualifications and educate them on how their work impacts operational results.

Marel Oberlahr


Demo Center Oberlahr spans approximately 4,000 square meters, including a 500 square meter exhibition area. Designed with customer experience as the focal point, these superb facilities can host groups for demos, visits, product development, training seminars, dinner and other networking events.

Marel TREIF GmbH
Toni-Reifenhäuser-Str. 1
D-57641 Oberlahr, Germany
Phone number: +49 2685 9440

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