Social participation

Team Spark Kappaksturbill Afhjupadur

Social participation guidelines

Well-designed charitable activities and social participation programs can contribute to a better standard of living and increase social stability. Marel’s charitable giving and social participation guidelines align with our pledge of corporate social responsibility. Our guidelines are designed to support the company in being the partner, neighbor, employer, customer and supplier of choice around the world. Through partnership, Marel aims to empower external organizations, our customers and employees to support the communities in which we operate.


These guidelines apply to all Marel entities and subsidiaries and are designed to clarify the organization’s objectives in charitable giving and social participation. The company’s local office or representative handles support for local projects. Global projects are handled directly by the CEO’s office.


Innovation and education serve as the main areas of Marel's social participation. Our goal is to support sustainable development through the following areas:

  • Reading and STEM education
    • Innovation is the cornerstone of Marel’s business. By supporting education in the fields of reading and STEM activities we are not only supporting the foundations of societies that plan to prosper in the long run, we are also supporting something we believe is valuable to all companies that, like Marel, want to lead through innovation.
  • Food, nutrition and water
    • Marel is the leading global provider of advanced processing systems to a large segment of the global food industry. Helping the food industry supply its consumers with products that maintain their nutritional values is one of Marel’s key contributions to its partners. Marel is also concerned with preserving valuable resources needed for food processing with water being one of the most heavily used resource. Therefore, we want to support research and causes that directly influence the use and treatment of water, nutrients and food.

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