Critical parts package

Ensure quality and readiness of your spare parts

  • Reduce downtime and production losses
  • Increase the cost predictability of spare parts 
  • Quick access to the right critical spare parts in the event of an emergency 
  • Components made to, and consistent with, Marel quality standards 


Marel strives to ensure the highest quality and the most uptime possible. Despite the best preventive maintenance, a part may fail at an unexpected and inconvenient moment. The critical spare parts package covers the critical parts that are most likely to fail unpredictably during a product’s lifecycle and/or parts with unpredictable delivery reliability (remote location, customs etc.). This package will be kept with your own stock in order to be able to act quickly with any unforeseen emergencies.  

The benefits of this service is that you will always have the correct critical parts in stock to ensure maximum uptime and performance. That also allows you to optimize safe operation as well as reduce troubleshooting and repair time by having spare parts on hand. 

The budget for the critical parts package is known in advance as these are pre-specified. The quality of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and electronics is guaranteed with access to warranties that come with using OEM parts. The critical spare parts package is an initial package that Marel can advise on and deliver.   

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