Portion cutting - Pork

Innovative, high-speed meat portioning machines

We start with your end product and work with you to create a portion-cutting solution that not only creates optimum value but also ensures you are best placed to respond to rapidly changing market conditions. Drawing from the most extensive equipment portfolio in the industry, we can help you adapt and grow your processing for maximum success.

From simple, standalone equipment to sophisticated portion cutting systems, we’ve got just the right solution to meet your needs. Our high-speed, high-precision meat portioning machines produce an endless variety of products, from fixed-sized strips, dices and splits to high-value portions of fixed weight and length. All our solutions are designed to consistently optimize product utilization, allowing you to maximize yield and at the same time run a sustainable production process.

Intelligent software

Take your portion cutting to the next level by combining your equipment with Innova, Marel’s intelligent production software. Its easy-to-use remote programming, real-time monitoring and reporting on actual performance let you control and optimize your processing.

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