Chilling Tunnel broiler


Much more than only removing heat

Between primary and secondary processing, the chilling phase is crucial to guarantee the best shelf life, presentation, meat structure, and final yield of poultry products. You can opt for various technologies, chilling products to the correct core temperature without freezing small parts.
Marel’s chilling product range varies from easy-entry water screw chillers to sophisticated maturation air chilling tunnels. Your choice depends on the requirements of your market. For deep frozen end products, water chilling can do the job excellently. For fresh chicken cuts, air chilling helps avoid water in the package. Together with the scalding process, chilling determines mainly the appearance of the end product, in addition to shelf life, meat structure and final yield.

Using a Marel chilling system, the preset core temperature of every individual carcass will be guaranteed without the risk of frozen small parts. That’s because Marel knows exactly how to make the perfect mix of different techniques and parameters, such as DownFlow Plus, moisturizing cabinets, air speed, air direction, temperature variations and tunnel load.

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