Salmon Whole Fish Processing Solution

Meet customer orders quickly and precisely while making full use of valuable material

  • Achieve leaner and more competitive production
  • Fast, accurate, and reliable packing to orders according to piece weight, piece number, and product quality
  • Confirm quantity, quality, and weight distribution of incoming material against the purchase order
  • Comply with safety standards
  • Order packing based on order priority


Production control

The system provides complete management of the grading and packing process based on weight, number of pieces, quality, and orders. Boxes are check-weighed to ensure accurate final weight. Boxes with weight outside of the defined limits can be rejected and sent for rework. Once the finished product has been appropriately packed and labeled, it is sent for palletizing and dispatch.

Specified distribution gates can be assigned with a fixed-rate throughput algorithm for secondary processing. The solution provides comprehensive real-time reporting that gives the operator a complete overview of the production process and enables enhanced control over the whole fish processing activities.


The solution registers each delivery of input material and final product registrations. All traceability information, including quantity, weight distribution, and quality, is tracked for each delivery. This information enables backward traceability of product data to its origin.
The system offers full traceability from source to shelf with interconnected systems providing a complete overview of the input materials journey through processing. Various data collection points are used to link elements together into one traceability chain. All units registered in the system can be traced one level back and one level forward. Traceability information is based on purchase orders and processing lots.

Order management

The solution helps manage the packing process easily by setting order priorities and customer requirements and specifications.

Order-specific packing and labeling rules for multilingual customers are integrated within this solution. The system packs products according to the order with the highest priority. When one order line is complete, the system will automatically select the next one with the highest priority.

Customer- and language-specific labeling

A built-in label designer supports customer-specific labeling. Label texts and graphics can be printed on labels based on customer and language, greatly reducing the number of label designs required. You can use the same label design to print labels in multiple languages.

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