Deboned chicken end products

Deboning and inspection

Deboning automation to create a wide variety of safe, high-yield boneless products

Automated deboning

There's a growing demand for deboned poultry meat products, and this is not only about white meat such as fillets, butterflies and tenderloins. Boneless dark meat is also growing in popularity, such as chicken thigh fillets and deboned drumsticks. 

Marel offers automated in-line deboning solutions to meet this high demand for filleted products and to produce high-quality chicken end products with limitless versatility. In breast meat filleting there's always the choice of starting the process with either breast caps or front halves. 

Automated in-line filleting increases the number of end-product options and reduces the number of manual operations. As a result, the processing yield and product quality reach new levels. 


Food safety is paramount in all food processing operations. The effective removal of bone fragments and other contaminants from deboned poultry is essential to meet customer safety standards. Marel's detection systems guarantee processors a high-quality, reliable, and contaminant-free product.

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