SystemFlex Distributor

Product-data driven in-line distribution on a belt

  • Distributing product streams based on quality, weight or quantity
  • Traceable products and product data
  • Best possible destination for every fillet
  • Maintaining fillet positioning on the belt


You want to get maximum product value from your breast fillets. Therefore, you need a system that accurately directs products to the appropriate product streams, based on their quality. Marel's SystemFlex Distributor allows you to distribute all qualities, weights or quantities, so that every single fillet can find its best possible destination. Intelligent Innova distribution software takes all the hassle out of figuring out what products have to go where.
Without any previous inspection, SystemFlex Distributor can still do its job. Product count can be the criterium to distribute fillets over different belts in a certain ratio, such as a 50-50 distribution. Combined with IRIS FI and a weighing unit, SystemFlex Distributor enables product-data-driven in-line separation into multiple product streams. 

Location-tracking on the belt

SystemFlex Distributor consists of extremely fast, vertically switching SystemFlex conveyor belts. Using multiple Distributors, even more than two product streams can be configured in the process. Once SystemFlex Distributor has released a product to another belt, the positioning (angle and spacing between products) of this fillet stays the same, while keeping the dataset attached to the product.  

Weight and quality

When based on weight criteria, gathered by an in-line weighing device (e.g. SensorX), SystemFlex Distributor takes care of directing calibrated flows, e.g. light, medium and heavy weight fillets, to the different packing lines. Heavy products can be sent to a portion cutter I-Cut 122 TrimSort, creating a smaller, more desired fillet and valuable portioned parts.

Combined with IRIS FI visual inspection, SystemFlex Distributor directs fillets with approved quality directly to a downstream flow for packing in trays, while rejected quality fillets (color deviations, skin left on, blood spots) follow other processes, such as portioning or convenience food production.


  • Accurate automated product allocation
  • Objective decision-making based on weight and/or quality 
  • Knowing the whereabouts of each product on the belt
  • Controlled by Innova PDS, based on quality, weight or quantity criteria
  • Multiple Distributors can handle more sophisticated product streams
  • Saving manual labor
  • Part of SystemFlex logistics, easy to install, use and maintain
  • Virtually maintenance-free


Innova PDS

All data gathered along the line will stay with the product. Each destination can define the quality it requires and the Innova PDS software will take that into account when deciding which fillets are fit for that process. In this way, each individual fillet will reach its best destination, to be distributed by SystemFlex Distributor. Innova PDS determines for instance, which fillet should go directly to the packing route and which one should go to portioning or further processing first. 


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