Our legacy

Our legacy

Marel traces its origins to a project at the University of Iceland that began in 1978 and led to a group of engineers founding the company in 1983. Marel quickly made its mark in the fish processing industry with the development of motion-compensating onboard scales.

This breakthrough in weighing technology would be the first of many Marel innovations in food processing equipment, software and service. Marel has expanded its expertise since then to the poultry and meat processing industries, with innovations now spanning the whole food processing value chain.

Our mission in all the industries in which we operate is to work in partnership with our customers to transform the way food is processed. In addition to a high annual investment in innovation, our long-term acquisition strategy is one of the keys to achieving this goal.

Legacy companies acquired by Marel

Key acquisitions and partnerships

1997 – Carnitech, Denmark
2002 – CP Food Machinery, Denmark
2004 – Pols, Iceland
2006 – AEW Delford, UK
2006 – Scanvaegt, Denmark
2008 – Stork Food Systems, including Townsend, the Netherlands
2016 – MPS, the Netherlands
2017 – Sulmaq, Brazil
2018 – MAJA, Germany
2019 – Cedar Creek, Australia
2019 – Curio, Iceland
2020 – TREIF, Germany
2021 – PMJ, the Netherlands
2021 – Valka, Iceland
2022 – Wenger, USA
2022 – Sleegers Technique, the Netherlands
2023 – E+V Technology, Germany

Marel People Collage

Joining forces

The top brands that are now part of our heritage have joined forces with us to make the Marel brand even stronger.

From Carnitech’s fish processing solutions and Stork’s poultry processing systems, to MAJA’s meat processing innovations and TREIF’s food cutting technology, Marel’s acquisitions have proven that we are truly greater than the sum of our parts.

This is our legacy.

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