Innova Inventory

Complete control of inventory from reception to dispatch

  • Real-time overview of inventory status 
  • Supports all common inventory types for the food industry 
  • Optimizes put away and picking processes to secure correct inventory rotation 
  • Reduces loss and expired products 


Stringent and detailed inventory management is essential when products have a limited shelf life and when there is considerable product movement between production areas, inventories and individual processes. Innova Inventory meets these requirements by tracking all inventory transactions throughout your processing – from reception to dispatch. Innova enables you to easily control and monitor all your inventories in a single system. 

Innova gives you full control and visibility of your raw material, work in progress and final goods inventories in real time, providing you with an extensive overview of your products and inventory status. Performing inventory transactions with online mobile scanners ensures real-time information. A range of standard reports provides detailed information about inventory movement, status and product age. 

With Innova, critical data such as product age, expiry dates and time in inventory is known at all times. Innova provides this valuable information in order to reduce losses of expired products and to optimize product utilization by age. Innova enables you to set up and receive real-time alarms and notifications of expiry times and dates. 

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