Innova Integration Services

Data integration for all master data and key transactions

  • Accesses data across all functions 
  • Continuous integration and data transfer between systems 
  • Standard data interface with ERP and other planning systems 
  • Centralized product and label maintenance 


Innova Food Processing Software empowers you to get the most out of your Marel processing equipment. 

Innova offers data integration for all required master data and key transactions (e.g. product specifications, stock levels, orders) maintaining consistency with other key systems. Moreover, it ensures that your ERP and other planning systems are synchronized with Innova. 

A set of tools to solve a myriad of potential problems 

  • Transfer product definition from an ERP system to Innova to ensure that a single master product list exists. 
  • Production, sales and transfer orders can be created in the ERP system and transferred to the Innova system to help control production. 
  • Transfer production data from the factory to an ERP system. 
  • Synchronize multiple Innova sites to make sure that master definitions, such as product definitions, are the same on each Innova site. 
  • Transfer packing information between Innova sites. For example, a vessel running Innova can transfer all production data to the on-shore Innova system upon landing. 

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