EV Giblets Blue


Highest hygiene standards enable high-quality end products

Good evisceration is essential for safeguarding the quality of your end products, including giblets. Marel PMJ’s evisceration technology offers solutions for all processing capacities up to 7,000 birds per hour. Various modules can be combined, depending on your needs.

Evisceration requires several pre-processing and post-processing operations. Marel PMJ offers elaborate solutions for vent opening and vent cutting (pre-processing) as well as neck, tongue, inspection and cleaning operations (post-processing). All of them respect the strictest hygienical rules and ensure the highest yield of main product and by-products. 

The eviscerator removes the entire viscera pack in a single, automated operation and puts it in a tray on a separate, synchronized pack conveyor belt. This is done in a way to achieve maximum yield and hygiene standards as well as top-quality end products. The viscera pack contains several valuable giblets. First, these hearts, livers and gizzards are separated from the non-edible parts and after that, they are ready to be processed in a specialized giblet processing solution.

Other processes in the evisceration department relate to feet and transfer. Marel PMJ's modular Feet Processing System handles duck feet fully automatically up to peeling and chilling at the highest line speeds. The rehanger transfers carcasses automatically from the evisceration line to the chilling line and includes a feet cutter. 

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