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Service agreements

Designed to your needs

Service agreements let you to pick and choose the services that fit your operational goals. Marel offers a range of service solutions, being preventive maintenance, process consultancy, spare parts packages or other. Together with our service specialists you can assemble and adjust what Service solutions suit you best and build a contract that meets your needs in terms of operations, risk, reliability and financial goals.

Available solutions

By having a Service agreement you ensure your operations receive the necessary maintenance needed to deliver the best results.

Recommended service visits are predefined and scheduled to fit your operations. Maintenance costs  become more predictable, equipment lifetime is extended, and production free time for service is scheduled according to your production cycle. 

To achieve operational reliability Marel offers a structured way to reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns. Regular inspections, spare parts packages and preventive maintenance help you maintain maximum uptime.

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Get original Marel spare parts

Marel strives for the highest quality for customers, therefore we offer parts that are manufactured using high quality materials and give optimal performance on your equipment. Make sure that you've got original parts. Spare parts can be expensive but buying non original parts can cost you more in the long run. We advise our customers to buy original parts when their equipment needs repair or services as cheaper parts can be easily offset by reduced service life.   

Original spare parts are durable and ensure you receive value for your money. It is important to use original spare parts to ensure the best maintenance of your equipment, keeping you operations running smoothly. Original spare parts will keep your machines in good shape for a long time and reduce down-time in your plant.

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