Process consultancy

Monitor and optimize your production by receiving consultancy form our experts

  • Improve product and process knowledge, productivity and yield 
  • Identify improvement opportunities 
  • Present the outcome to plant management with a written report 


A Marel process consultant will audit your production process to identify disturbances, bottlenecks and potential risks in the process, and thus help you profit opportunities by optimizing your production process. 

Before the visit, an examination is executed in order to define the visit objectives and conduct optimal preparation, as well as set target baseline and agree on follow-up actions to  drive improvements. 

The audit can contain the following steps:

  1. Kick-off meeting to confirm on-site visit tasks and decide actions (meeting with management)
  2. Preconditions check
    • Visual check of Marel equipment performance during production
    • Check technical logbooks and (preventive) maintenance history
    • A process environment check (all external parameters that influence the process are looked into e.g. quality of incoming products/raw material, atmosphere, personnel, operator skills and infrastructure)
  3. Process analysis to confirm current performance baseline. Use process analysis tools such asInnovaor similar (KPIs, process method, process flow, process settings and process report information) to determine the status of the total process performance. 
  4. Report recommendations for increasing performance and/or process stability. Optional implementation/action plan: Implement/provide advice on the recommendations, testing and monitoring of the process changes.
  5. Wrap-up meeting to conclude the visit

Our process consultants have accumulated a wealth of experience working with customers around the globe. They understand the processes and equipment inside-out and bring all of this knowledge on-site to provide you with the optimal result for your specific process. 

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