turkey damate chilling


The correct chill for optimum product quality

An effective chill process is essential for the production of top quality, attractively presented turkey end products with an optimum shelf life. At the same time food safety is guaranteed and weight loss is kept to an absolute minimum.

Marel offers various technologies to chill turkeys to the correct breast core temperature without freezing wings or neck flaps. Depending on what their market demands, processors can opt for immersion chilling in water or in-line air chilling.

Off-line immersion chilling is used across the globe. The chilling medium is air-agitated water which flows in the opposite direction to the product, ensuring a quick and effective chill.
DownFlow Plus with Aqua Film Control is a unique air chilling process for turkeys. Water is sprayed onto the products, which then leave the chilling process dry, preventing the growth of harmful bacteria. The result is top presentation with excellent color and top quality, yield and shelf life.

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